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Treat yourself with these wellness staples

Dec 28, 2022


Holiday season is the best time to relax and pamper yourself. Here are some ways on how you can treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Using hot compress

A hot compress after a long day is just what you need to relax and recharge for the next day. This Relief Hot Compress can also be used to treat sore muscles, cramps, stiff necks, and other common aches. You do not need to worry about burning your skin because of its velvet material.

Relaxing with a massager

Indulge yourself with a much-needed neck and pillow massager. This easy-to-use yet multi-purpose massager is ergonomically designed to better conform to body contours and effectively massage the area you need.  It can be used for the neck, shoulder, or back massager, as well as thigh, leg, or foot.

Surplus Rest Easy Neck and Pillow Massager
Regular Price: P1999.75
ShopSM Price: P999.75

Making your Room Clean and Fresh

You can always feel rejuvenated at the comforts of your home with a humidifier. It easily adds moisture to the air to soothe irritation caused by dry conditions and freshens up your room with its various aroma scents that you will surely love coming home to.  Aside from that, it also eases some of the potential symptoms caused by a flu or common cold which also protects your loved ones.

Surplus Fresh Air Wooden Humidifier with Remote 400ml
Regular Price: P1999.75
ShopSM Price: P799.75

Keeping yourself Protected

One form of self-love is making sure that you are always safe and well. To help you with this, this natural repellant provides protection from mosquito or any insect bite. Plus, it is water-based oil that has different scents from nature.

Surplus Nature’s Aromatic by Zen Zest Water Based Oil 100ml
Regular Price: P500
ShopSM Price: P399.75

Amidst the hustle and bustle especially this season, your wellness should be your utmost priority. Wind down and treat yourself with a well-deserved R&R.

Get these wellness staples for that well-deserved pamper treat. Shop these and more in-store at SM Store, or online at

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