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5 Smart kitchen appliances
you need now

July 25, 2022


Once you have a home to call your own, dependable appliances are a must.

If there’s one thing more valuable than life, it’s time. So it’s crucial to find the right kitchen essentials that not only meet your everyday needs but also allow you to do (way) more with less.

Scroll down to discover our top picks that deserve space on your counters, ASAP—not only are they efficient, but they’re also safe and trusted which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Ceramic Cooker

Say goodbye to high-risk open flames at home with an energy-efficient ceramic cooker that helps you prep those meals in a timely fashion. Not only is it powerful, safe, and reliable, but it’s also easy to clean once you’re done! Just wipe and you’re done!

Imarflex Infrared Digital Ceramic Cooker IDC-1810 (P2,499.00)


If there’s one thing that works just as hard as you do in the kitchen, it’s a multi-cooker. From making rice, stews, or steaming vegetables, it’s a multi-functional must-have that completes every home. The best part? Just press the settings, and leave until it’s done.

Crossett 12-in-1 Digital Multi Cooker CNMC-4CWH (P2,999.00)

Bread maker

Enjoy freshly-baked bread right at home with one that helps you indulge in your cravings without having to run to the store. All you have to do is make the dough, leave it to do its magic, and you’re good to go.

Food Processor

Prepping meals can be as time-consuming as cooking itself, which is why it’s important to have the best of the basics when it comes to chopping, dicing, or mincing ingredients. A heavy-duty food processor not only does the dirty work for you, it’s also a great tool to have when you want to make your own salad dressing, spreads, or dips. How’s this for an all-star kitchen helper?

Imarflex IFP-3005 Food Chopper (P1,899.00)

Dish Dryer

After a long day, cleaning up after cooking can be a gruesome endeavor. Cut those chores in half with a dish dryer you can count on to sanitize, disinfect, and dry your dishes—leaving you less to worry about and more time to relax and enjoy life as you should.

Imarflex DD-850 Cyclone Dish Dryer (P3,999.00)
Maintaining a well-run home is an everyday challenge, but with the right equipment to help, it makes things easier and more efficient so you can concentrate on what matters most.
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