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Traveling Abroad? Here are 5 Ways
SM Store Makes Travel Prep Easier

June 7, 2024


Going on a trip to another country is exciting. But getting ready for it can be a lot of work. You need to pack your bags, learn about the airport, and do many other things before you can go to the place you want to go. 

The people at SM Store know how hard it can be to plan a trip. They want to make it easier for you to get everything ready. With SM Store’s services, you don’t need to run around or wait in long lines anymore. Now, you can quickly get everything you need for your trip.

Request PSA Certificates

Need to apply for or renew your passport? Get a copy of your PSA birth certificate and marriage certificate at SM Store!

Going through the process of obtaining these documents can sometimes be burdensome and time-consuming, especially when time is of the essence. SM Store can help process your PSA documents. Whether you need a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or any other document, head to SM Store Customer Service to start processing your document requests on time.

Pay for Airline Tickets

Buying plane tickets is an essential aspect of travel, but the process of paying for them can often be a stressful experience. Long queues, limited payment options, and the uncertainty of seat availability can easily mar an otherwise exciting time. Fortunately, SM Store’s Bills Payment service offers a convenient and hassle-free solution to this challenge.

You can conveniently pay for airline tickets at any SM Store branch! All you need to do is visit SM Store Customer Service area, go to the dedicated bills payment counter for travel payments, and settle your airfares. Make sure to bring your ticket booking reference number and the total amount due.

SM Store Bills payment list of merchants includes Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and other major carriers. Just remember to check the payment deadline for tickets from the flight carrier you booked so you won’t miss it!

Settle Travel Tax

Traveling to other countries can be an exciting and memorable experience but before you take off, make sure to pay your travel tax first. If you don’t know where to pay travel tax in the Philippines, just go to the nearest SM Store!

Paying your travel tax in advance using SM Store’s Bills Payment service helps you avoid any last-minute hassles and ensures a smooth departure. Simply go to the Customer Service area inside SM Store and settle your travel tax on the counter. Next time you plan a trip abroad, take advantage of this service and enjoy a stress-free travel abroad! 

Need a step-by-step guide on how to pay in SM Store Bills Payment counters? Read this guide.

Shop for Travel Essentials

When you are getting ready for a trip, there are several things you need to buy like toiletries, luggage, and clothes. Going through various stores to buy those travel essentials can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a one-stop solution for all your travel needs—SM Store. 

We have over 70 branches nationwide where you can find all your on-trend travel essentials. These essentials include luggage, backpacks, toiletries, adapters, and neck pillows that fit right into your airport aesthetic. SM Store also carries top brands for your travel OOTDs such as Travel Basic, Coco Cabaña, Baleno, Parisian, and more. Check off all items in your travel essentials checklist at SM Store!

Stay Updated on FOREX Rates

Managing your travel funds effectively is key to a stress-free journey abroad. Keeping up-to-date with the current Forex rates of the country you’re visiting will help you know how much money you’ll need to carry and how much you’ll need to exchange. Luckily, SM Store’s Foreign Exchange service gives travelers up-to-date information on Forex rates, making it easier for you to plan your budget.

After you shop for travel essentials at SM Store, drop by the Currency Exchange counter to see the exchange rates of 15 currencies such as US Dollar, Japan Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Swiss Franc, Saudi Riyal, Brunei Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Thai Baht, Korean Won, and Chinese Yuan. And if you have extra foreign currencies on your return to the country, you can also go to SM Store FOREX counter and have them exchanged for pesos!

Stay updated on the current foreign exchange rate and travel hassle-free with SM Store! 

Prepare For Your Trip with SM Store!

When you plan your next trip to another country, come to SM Store, where you’ll find all the essentials for a smooth and enjoyable journey. From booking flights to learning about foreign exchange rates, we’ve got you covered. You’ll also get assistance in purchasing travel necessities, securing tax refunds, and obtaining PSA certificates. Let us make your trip as easy and fun as possible. 

Skip the pre-travel rush! Get essentials, pay travel tax, request PSA certificates & even pay airfare—all at the SM Store! Visit the nearest SM Store branch now!

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