5 Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list

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December 15, 2023


‘Tis the season of exchange gifts, Secret Santas, and Christmas parties! As the holiday spirit fills the air and your calendar gets dotted with parties and gatherings, we totally get that whole “What do I get everyone?” dilemma you’re facing right now.

That is why we’ve prepared a list of Christmas gifts that will have you “sleighing” the game when it comes to finding the ideal presents for everyone on your list. Whether it’s for family, friends, or that office buddy you exchange nods with at the pantry, our Christmas list is here to make your gift-giving journey easier. Download the digital copy so that you’re ready for your Christmas shopping spree.

For the parents who deserve the best

Table Lamp

table lamp sm store

Brighten up your parents’ living space with the Hosh Wonder Ceramic Lamp. This elegant yet surprisingly affordable piece not only adds a touch of sophistication to their living space but also stands as a token of gratitude for the light they continue to bring into your life.

Memory foam pillow

memory foam pillow sm store

As they’ve cradled you in comfort throughout the years, now is the perfect time to reciprocate the care. Ensure a good night’s sleep with this Memory Foam Pillow, which is versatile for any bed setup.

Classic loafers

Classic loafers sm store

Surprise Dad with a pair of classic loafers. Show your appreciation to the man who has walked with you through every journey, giving him the gift of both comfort and style.

Skincare set

skincare set sm store

For the queen of the house, give Mom the OLAY Plumping Power Duo. More than just skincare, it is a ticket to achieving that radiant glow and skin nourishment—because she deserves the best! Drop by SM Beauty section for more options to get Mom that healthy and glowing skin!

Digital Microwave Oven

microwave oven sm store

How about a Digital Microwave Oven for a kitchen upgrade? With just a press of a button, they can easily heat those Noche Buena leftovers, make snacks, and prepare their movie-night popcorn. Save them from the additional chore of washing pans and casseroles just to heat up their leftovers!

For the bestie-like sibling or the sibling-like bestie

Cleansing Foam

cleansing foam sm store

This skincare essential can be the key to achieving the perfect and flawless skin that your BFF has been dreaming about! It’s the best way to show them that you care about their self-care, and who knows, they might even share the secret of how they got that glow with you!

Smart Watch

smart watch sm store

Have that bestie with the yearly resolution of “New Year, New Me”? This smart watch is perfect for them. More than just a watch and a step counter, these will serve as their personal cheerleaders in their wellness journey. It’s a wearable buddy that can motivate them to conquer their daily fitness goals.

Foldable Travel Bags

foldable travel bag sm store

Equip your adventure-loving bestie with bags ready to unfold at any moment of adventure. Get them these Travel Basic Foldable Bags.


popcorn sm store

For that snack bestie who you’ll always catch munching on something and who always craves a quick bite during work or their well-deserved “Me time,” give them a delicious Chef Tony’s Box of 6 Popcorn! Bundled with a variety of mouthwatering flavors, your bestie is in for a great snack. Plus, these goodies are perfect for family or barkada hangouts this Christmas.

Tough Kids LED Sneakers

tough kids sneakers

Of course, let’s not forget about bunso! In the world of little feet, LED sneakers are something to go crazy for! Give your little siblings these fun LED sneakers. The Christmas lights that go on and off at the tree won’t be the only ones they’ll be staring at. 

For colleagues that make Mondays bearable and Fridays unforgettable

Tumbler cup with straw and sticker sets

tumbler sm store

Add fun to your favorite coffee buddy’s sips with these colorful, spill-proof tumblers. With customizable stickers, turn these tumblers into a canvas for their imagination and watch them confidently stroll to the pantry as they flaunt their personalized tumbler for the whole office to see.

Wireless Mini Earbuds

Wireless Mini Earbuds SM Store

Perfect for those moments when they need to drown out the office hum or simply dance through their tasks. Shop these now via Personal Shopper!

Chocolates for the holidays

cadbury snacks sm store
kisses sm store
m&m sm store

Nothing brings a smile like chocolate. These instant mood boosters can turn a regular workday into a much sweeter and better one. Consider gifting a stack of chocolates to your colleagues, just in case they need a pick-me-up during stressful moments or when a sudden sweet craving hits.


blanket sm store

Soft, comfy, and perfect for those chilly office days. These Corduroy Blankets are the cozy companions your officemates never knew they needed. Especially when the workload gets heavy, a soft corduroy draped around their shoulders is just the right type of comfort they need.

Foldable Duffle Bag

foldable duffle bag sm store

We always have that one officemate who is always on the move. Give them this compact, durable, and ready-for-any-adventure Foldable Duffle bag.

Remember, the best gifts are the ones that come straight from the heart, filled with love and thoughtfulness. This season, create unforgettable moments by sharing gifts that reflect the warmth of your feelings. Discover a world of heartfelt presents and more at SM Store. Start your holiday shopping today, whether in-store or via our SM Store Personal Shopper.

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