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Your Cooking Era:
Kitchen gadgets that’ll make cooking easy breezy

October 10, 2023


It’s finally time to unleash your masterchef skills. Unearth those saved recipes from TikTok and make them on your own with the help of kitchen gadgets and appliances available in SM Store Home! Did you know that you can easily shop these items not only in the department store, but also via SM Store Personal Shopper? Shop these kitchen essentials that’ll make your cooking preps easy and convenient, and who knows– you might just end up winning prizes while you shop this October!

Shop this SM Store Super Month and enjoy incredible discounts of up to 65% OFF! And there’s more– get exclusive discounts from our partner banks, get a chance to win back what you shopped, or get EXTRA 65 Bonus Points when you use your SMAC! Check these amazing kitchen gadgets you’ll love to shop in SM Store near you:

Air Fryer Oven

air fryer sm store home

You’re never too late to join the air fryer cooking trend! With an air fryer, food gets cooked faster saving you time to cook. Also, it’s very easy to clean, perfect for the busy professionals who want to get things done quickly. Not to mention, air frying food is healthier compared to oil frying because it gives you less calories on your food than the latter.

Induction Cooker

induction cooker sm store home

Some condo units or apartments don’t allow gas stoves for cooking because open flames can be harmful in enclosed spaces. Getting an induction cooker is better for those who’d like to cook at home because they’re safer to use and more energy efficient. If you can, get yourself an induction cooker with more presets for slow cooking, boiling, sauteing, frying, or simmering to get the most out of your induction cooker!

Indoor Grill

indoor grill sm store home

Now, you can try samgyupsal at home with your own indoor grill! Grill your favorite meats easily with this smokeless, non-stick grill. Just plug, grill, and eat with no fuss. You don’t have to splurge on unlimited barbecue dinners when you can have one in your own home!

Food Chopper

food chopper sm store home

Shorten your prep time with a food chopper that can help you with your ingredients. These are compact and quick, and you can use them to chop your fruits and vegetables. If you plan to do meal preps for the week, get one that can help you prepare your ingredients more quickly.

Egg Boiler

egg broiler sm store home

Perfect your boiled egg for breakfast with an electric egg boiler that you can get in SM Store. This egg boiler can cook up to 7 eggs at a time, plus it has a rotary timer with an alarm so you can cook your eggs the way you want it. It’s very easy to use, and ideal if you’re cooking for groups!

Sandwich Toaster

sandwich toaster sm store home

Make healthier baons for work with a sandwich toaster. It’s time-saving, easy to clean, and portable too. With this, you can experiment on your sandwich fillings and spreads for breakfast or snack.

Deep Fryer

deep fryer sm store home

Sometimes, dishes are best when deep-fried. If you love to eat fries or karaage, you might want to consider getting a deep fryer. It cooks more quickly, it allows you to use cooking oil multiple times, and it’s not messy to use. If you want to advance your cooking skills, this kitchen gadget is one you should consider getting.

Enjoy shopping at SM Store Super Month from October 1 to 31, and find fantastic deals on your favorite home products, kitchen gadgets and appliances, and a whole lot more. Don’t forget to bring your SMAC to get deals like never before! Visit our Super Month page to learn more about the promos and deals we have this October!

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