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7 creative hobbies to try in 2023

(and the best tools you’ll need for the job)

February 22, 2023


It’s never too late to try something new! Whether it’s just to fill a slow hour of the day or dive wholeheartedly into a new passion – learn, grow, and enrich your spirit by picking up a new hobby this 2023. Here are some activities you can try:


Journaling gives you the freedom to organize and process your thoughts. Unlike your work planner, getting yourself a journal lets you express yourself no-holds-barred. In your journal, you can write random musings, track your goals, or doodle. It’s a good way to exercise your creativity while getting to know yourself. Plus, all you need is a pen and paper! Complete your journal stash and shop notebooks, pens, sticker sheets, and craft paper at SM Stationery.

Home Brewing

Going to cafes can be costly. With just a few tools, you can recreate the cafe experience at home. Most of the cafe equipment you’ll need is already available at SM Store. Become your very own barista with this Dedica Stainless Steel Conical Burr Grinder from DeLonghi using medium roasted beans from Silcafe. Pour them over fancy cups from SM Home for that artsy cafe vibe at home!


If you’re looking for a sign to live your dreams as a content creator, this is it. Learn the art of storytelling through videos and create your own channel. Be it about gaming, cooking, traveling, or tech, share your passion with the world with just these few bits of gear. Start your vlog with a beginner-friendly vlogging kit from Surplus that includes a tripod, LED light, and microphone. Want to film gaming content? Add this stylish professional gaming headset from SM Accessories.


Get your creative juices flowing and purchase ready-made activity sets from Artherapy such as paint by numbers, diamond art, and scratch painting perfect for all ages. Aside from being a fun solo activity, it’s also a great way to help relieve stress after a hard day at school or work.


Baking can be a very therapeutic activity. Not only is it a relaxing activity, but it can also fill your belly with a tasty homemade treat. Begin by sourcing your baking supplies such as this Imarflex Stand Mixer that comes with a plastic bowl, a six-pack measuring spoon set from Eurochef, or a 24-cup muffin pan for your baked goodies.


Photography as a hobby can be quite expensive, but it doesn’t need to be! Pick up an instant camera to start taking snapshots of your favorite moments and share them easily with your friends. They’re fun and easy to use. You could also use your polaroid films for home decor or scrapbook.


Another activity you can try is gardening. There’s no need to have a huge yard–you can work on your balconies, a container garden, or water gardens even. Aside from the excitement it brings when you get to see your flowers bloom or your vegetables ready for harvest, gardening happens to be a form of light exercise too!


More tools and equipment for hobbyists are available at SM Store! Shop these and more available in-store, through your Personal Shopper, and!

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