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Start sustainable shopping
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September 20, 2023


So you want to start becoming a more eco-conscious shopper, but you’re unsure how to start? Don’t fret! Leading a sustainable lifestyle is a journey worth taking slowly and surely. When shopping, you can easily start by being more mindful of the things you purchase. Follow these tips to start sustainable shopping!

1. Switch to using sustainable goods

By shopping for sustainable products, you can help reduce plastic and water waste. Ditch single-use plastics and opt for reusable shopping bags. Use tumblers instead of plastic bottles. With these easy little switches, you can do more good for the planet.

2. Choose organic or natural products

Another way to shop and live sustainably is to carefully check the materials used on the items you purchase. Look for products made from bamboo, organic cotton, linen, or recycled polyester– these items mostly last long and therefore, are sustainable in the long run.

3. Shop local

When you shop locally, you help not just the community, but also the planet. Buying local products stimulates the economy by supporting local businesses. This means that you get to invest in your own community too. Also, buying local goods helps the planet by reducing environmental impact through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.

4. Purchase upcycled items

Upcycling is the way a material is reused and turned into something of a higher value. Some shoe brands like Sperry have a Seacycled collection that features a footwear collection made with eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Sustainable Shopping at SM Store

Beyond value for money and convenience, SM Store commits to bringing sustainable and environmentally friendly products within easy reach through Green Finds. With this program, SM Store invites customers to embrace a greener lifestyle that’s better for the environment.

But first, what is SM Green Finds?​

SM Green Finds is an initiative to help shoppers access greener options to help them lead a greener lifestyle. Green Finds are eco-friendly items that are sustainably sourced, made from of natural materials, and support local communities.

Green Finds in SM Store​

Here are just some of the products in our Green Finds collection that you can easily shop at SM Store. Check these out:

green finds fashion at sm store

Make your fashion statement more sustainable with SM Green Finds. Shop consciously by getting items that are ethically produced and made using eco-friendly materials. From quality jeans by Levi’s to comfy and classy pieces from Kultura, redefine how you dress with Green Finds. 

home green finds sm store

Transform your living space with home essentials that are both stylish and eco-friendly. Look for the Green Finds label at SM Home.  Pick from a wide range of locally made furniture, home décor, and accessories as well as sustainably sourced linens at SM Home.

beauty green finds at sm store

SM Beauty has a wide selection of eco-friendly brands to choose from. From cruelty-free skin care essentials to natural and organic finds- SM Beauty is your “go to” when it comes to clean beauty.

Babies and Kids
babies and kids green finds at sm store

We all want the best for our babies and kids. That’s why when it comes to shopping for their essentials, we must always look for products that are gentle on the skin, long-lasting, and free from harmful chemicals. Always choose Green Finds when shopping for feeding sets and accessories, toiletries, linens, toys, and more.

SM Green Finds are available in SM Store branches nationwide. Start your journey to Green Living with SM Green Finds. Check out the Green Finds badge when you shop at SM Store!

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