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Make office dressing effortless with these fashion finds

October 24, 2023


Your office wardrobe is an essential part of your professional life. Apart from your skills, you get to give others a lasting impression with how you present yourself. It communicates your visual image and confidence at work. While corporate offices typically require semi-formal or smart-casual attire, modern offices often have more relaxed dress codes that allow for greater freedom in clothing choice. But for those with dress codes, don’t worry; there are fashion finds that can still enhance your look without looking dull. Dress for success and shop office wardrobe essentials at SM Store!

AXCS Body bag

axcs body bag

Don’t want to bring a bulky bag to the office? Opt for simplicity with a body bag that can conveniently carry all your essential items. It’s important to get one that’s sturdy and classy and can complement any outfit you have. Get it in different colors at SM Store.

Travel Basic Cheung

travel basic cheung

For corporate employees, it’s better to use backpacks that can fit all the work tools they need. Backpacks are versatile, they have the compartments one needs for storage, plus they’re more convenient to carry because they keep you hands-free. Not to mention, you also get better posture wearing backpacks than shoulder bags.

Sprint Gabe Sneakers

sprint gabe sneakers

Always on the go? It might be best for you to wear something comfortable such as sneakers. This pair of sneakers doesn’t look too sporty or casual so you can pair it with your office attire seamlessly. Get this at SM Store for only P650 this Super Month!

Parisian Jenn and Jada

parisian jenn and jada

Get the added height and comfort that you need when you wear platforms on your way to work. Platforms are gentler on your feet and offer stability compared to heels. Also, they’re very commute-friendly because they’re very comfy to use and durable enough for daily wear!

SM Woman Blouse

sm woman blouse

Need a smart casual blouse to wear on wash days at the office? Get yourself a pretty top that creates a polished and professional look made with comfortable and breathable material. When choosing an item, keep in mind that it should be able to pair well with slacks, skirts, or jeans so you can wear it in many styles! Check out this blouse from SM Woman that’s 65% OFF this October!

LED Mirror Organizer

led mirror organizer

If you have client-facing work, it’s important to look presentable and approachable, as your appearance also reflects your company’s brand image. Always bring your grooming kit to work so you can retouch anytime. Get a kit that can contain all your stuff like make-up, fragrance products, and hygiene essentials in one convenient organizer. Check out this LED mirror organizer from SM Accessories and enjoy 65% OFF when you shop this October Super Month!

Coco Republic Linen Pants Drawstring

coco republic linen drawstring

For jobs that require you to move around constantly throughout the day, it’s best to wear a comfortable pair of pants that allow for flexibility, reducing restrictions and discomfort. When you wear cozy attire for work, you can also feel your best during the workday. Want to shop this item? SM Store offers a wide variety of comfortable yet professional-looking pants in various sizes to meet your needs.

Travel Freya Briefcase

travel freya briefcase

Keep your work essentials organized with a cute and colorful briefcase like this one. Briefcases add a touch of professionalism to your appearance, they also carry a lot of office documents segregated into different compartments, plus they’re high-quality enough for longer use. Get this in different colors that you can shop via SM Store Personal Shopper!

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