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For Your Mini-Me:
A newborn must-haves checklist

October 17, 2023


Bringing a newborn to this world is a beautiful and exciting experience. Before your little bundle of joy arrives, you must carefully prepare all the things the family needs to ensure a smooth pregnancy to childbirth journey. When you go shopping for baby essentials, create a checklist of things you need to buy so that you never miss out on anything important! 

This October, SM Store is celebrating Super Month where you can get huge deals and discounts of up to 65% OFF, including baby items. For the whole month, you can enjoy exclusive offers when you shop using your SMAC or MOM card, or if you use any of our participating bank cards. Take advantage of the promos this Super Month and check out these baby essentials that you can shop in SM Store:

Diapering Essentials

diapers baby company

☑ Diapers
☑ Diaper bag
☑ Rash cream
☑ Changing pad

Keep diapers within reach for your baby’s daily care routine. Stock up on newborn-sized disposable or cloth diapers so that you have sufficient supplies for months. Shop this October Super Month and get a special discount on diaper brands from Unilove Airpro, Rascalfriends Jumbo pack, or Hey Tiger!

Feeding Supplies

Breastmilk storage bags
Baby bottles
Bottle sterilizer
High Chair
Baby bowls

Feeding your baby is a vital aspect of parenting. And with the right baby feeding supplies, you can ensure that every feeding time is as convenient and fuss-free as possible. From breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, and then introducing solids, you’ll enjoy your parenting journey when you have the right items to keep your babies well-fed. Shop Dr. Brown’s Stage 1 Pacifier Advantage, Marcus & Marcus Feeding Set, and Oribel Cocoon Z High Chair and get discounts this October when you shop at SM Store!

Nursery Essentials

crib baby company sm store

Crib or bassinet
Mattress and waterproof covers
Sheets and blankets
Changing table

Create the perfect haven for your newborn– one that’s comfortable, safe, and well-equipped. Remember to personalize your nursery to make it unique and functional! Check out our Babies and Kids department in SM Store to find lots of nursery items that you’ll love to shop based on your needs! 

Bath Time Basics

bath time baby company sm store

Baby shampoo and body wash
Baby bath seat
Nail clippers
Baby lotion and creams
Washcloths or sponges
Cotton balls and cotton buds

Let bath time be a way to bond with your babies! Keep them clean by using the right and recommended products for babies, as well as bathroom essentials to make bathing time a breeze. Shop at SM Store and find brands like Cetaphil that are trusted by most moms as they’re safe for babies to use. Get select Cetaphil products for a discounted price this October at SM Store!

Health and Safety

stroller baby company sm store

Infant car seat
First aid kit
Outlet covers
Baby gate
Grooming kit

Your top priority should be your infant’s safety. Have a safe and secure environment for your little one by providing safety essentials that will protect them from harm. From childproofing to first aid, baby gears, and hygiene, it’s important that you invest on essential items that’ll keep them safe from harm. Check out brands like Baby Company at SM Store to stock up on baby safety supplies!

By having a checklist of baby essentials you need to shop for your newborn, you can eliminate worries and prepare ahead for your bundle of joy’s arrival. Shop baby products and essentials at SM Store, and enjoy discounts of up to 65% OFF on great finds this Super Month! Check out all the exciting promos and activities we have at!

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