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Pet-Proof your Home with these Easy-to-Shop Items at SM Store

March 5, 2024


Welcoming a furry friend at home brings such joy to our lives. But along with the delight of having a pet comes with a responsibility to keep them safe and secure. Just as you would child-proof your home for an infant, pet-proofing your home is an essential part of owning a pet to prevent accidents or injuries as they navigate their new space.

To help you pet-proof your home, here are some helpful tips and essential items you can shop in SM Store to help create a safe environment for your beloved furry friends!

Keep your pets from rummaging through the trash.


Pets are notorious for their habit of digging through trash– it’s probably that they’re curious about the smell that the bins emit or they’re simply looking for food. It’s important to keep them away from trash as they might consume spoiled food or hazardous waste that can cause illness. If possible, keep your trash bin inaccessible or use a heavy-duty one that can’t be easily opened. Weighted, pedal-operated trash bins can prevent your pets from knocking over your trash. Shop the size you prefer over at Ace Express in SM Store!

Store away your tiny items that can be choking hazards in a toolbox.

Pets are naturally curious– that’s why small items that can potentially be choking hazards should be kept away. Things like nails, buttons, jewelry, and other miscellaneous items should be properly stored in tightly sealed containers. Get containers or toolboxes that can be locked and store them out of your pets’ reach.

Restrict pet access safely with a baby gate.


Gates help create boundaries for your curious cats and dogs. It can keep them from accessing areas that may pose dangers such as the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or stairs. It also trains them to be obedient and respect your personal space. You can use available baby gates and get the gate height you prefer depending on the size of your dogs.

Remove toxic houseplants at home.


Some common plants may pose a risk to your pets especially if they ingest it. Avoid buying plants like azaleas, philodendrons, pothos, or aloe vera since these are known to be poisonous and can cause symptoms to your pets. A better alternative? Artificial plants. Aside from being low maintenance, they’re allergen-free, harmless, and cost-effective too! You can easily shop for varieties of artificial indoor plants at the SM Home section of SM Store.

Use only non-toxic household cleaners for your home.

Nutriscience Pet Odor Away Organic Cleaner 500ml SM Store

Harsh chemical cleaners are highly poisonous for pets. Since dogs and cats like to lick surfaces, they might experience irritation or respiratory symptoms that can make them sick. Thankfully, there are cleaning products made with pet-friendly substances so you can ensure that your house is clean without being harmful to your pets. Check out these organic cleaners, disinfectants, and odor eliminators that you can easily get from Pet Express via SM Store Personal Shopper.

Place dangling cables and wires out of reach.

neat spaces storage box gray SM Store

Pets, especially dogs and cats, like to nibble on wires and cables. These will not only damage your electronics, but worse they can cause electrocution or be a fire hazard. We can’t completely remove these from home, so cable management is key. Pet-proof your home by using cable ties or cord covers to keep them from chewing on wires. You can also DIY a container with holes to conceal your wires inside and put a lid so that they’re unable to open it.

Incorporate these items to pet-proof your home and make it a safe space for your beloved pets. Shop them all at SM Store branches nationwide or via SM Store Personal Shopper!

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