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How to Process and Pay for PSA Documents and More at SM Store

November 20, 2023


Need a copy of your birth certificate for an upcoming travel abroad? Or are you due to renew your government IDs in the Philippines? Requesting government documents for those kinds of purposes proves to be a tedious task for most adults. Long lines and waiting times cause delays which can be frustrating especially if you have a busy schedule ahead of your day. 

Government Services You Can Rely On

Accessible, convenient, and safe, you can process your PSA documents and pay government bills without a hassle at SM Store Customer Service. At SM Store, enjoy shorter waiting times compared to traditional government offices so you receive your essential documents promptly.

A birth certificate is one of the basic documents for Filipinos of all ages. It is often required for various government transactions like applying for school, obtaining government IDs, or travel requirements. If you’re wondering where to get a PSA birth certificate without having to deal with the stress of waiting in long lines, SM Store’s Goverment Services can help you obtain one or more copies of your birth certificate.

In times of loss, the last thing you want to worry about is document processing. We can assist you in obtaining a PSA death certificate efficiently. Similarly, for those dealing with the complexities of marital paperwork, you can grab a PSA marriage certificate and Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) at SM Store.

Unlike other online services that charge processing fees ranging from P330 to P450 per certificate, SM Store ensures that you get your documents ready at an affordable rate of only P195 per certificate. This makes it easier on your wallet while ensuring you get accessible services at SM Store.

How to Get PSA Documents

SM Store has simplified the process of obtaining these documents and services, making it incredibly convenient for you. You can now get the documents and services you need without going to government offices and queuing in long lines. Follow this step-by-step guide to obtain your important documents:

1. Visit SM Store

Locate the nearest SM Store Customer Service for a stress-free visit. Check out our list of
SM Store branches nationwide. 

2. Provide necessary information

Specify the government document or service you need, whether it’s a PSA document or one of the other government services on offer. Fill out the required forms and provide all the information needed for your specific document or service. 

For example, complete the PSA Application Form at SM Store Customer Service for processing Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, or CENOMAR.

3. Submit accomplished form

Once the PSA form is completed, submit and present a valid government-issued ID.

4. Pay the processing fee

Settle the processing fee associated with the document or service you’ve requested at the SM Store Customer Service counter. The processing fee for PSA documents is P195 per certificate.

5. Pick up your documents

Claim the certificate after 3 to 5 days at SM Store Customer Service. Bring a valid ID upon claiming. For authorized representatives, prepare an authorization letter and a photocopy of the valid ID of the owner and representative.

Paying for Government Bills and IDs


Aside from PSA certificates, SM Store Customer Service can also help you with paying for government services and IDs, including: 

  • SSS
  • PhilHealth 
  • LTO
  • MMDA 
  • NBI 
  • National Home Mortgage & Finance Corporation (NHMFC)
  • LGU Manila
  • LGU Cabagan, Isabela
  • Philippine Red Cross

Simply go to the nearest SM Store and look for the Bills Payment counter located inside the Customer Service area. Fill out an SM Bills Payment form with the necessary information about your government payment. Proceed to pay the amount. 

Rely on SM Store to make your life simpler and less stressful when it comes to getting your important documents. You can even shop after accomplishing these errands at the SM Store!

Ease your burden, save time, and ensure a smooth document processing experience with SM Store’s Government Service. Visit your nearest SM Store Customer Service Center today and experience quick and hassle-free service! 

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