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All you need to know about SM Store’s Gift Wrapping services

August 1, 2023


We understand how meaningful good gift presentations are. That’s why we’re here to make the gift-giving experience hassle-free and enjoyable for you. Whether for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion, SM Store is here to wrap your gifts for you without a cost. 

Get to know the perks you can get with SM Gift Wrapping Services, including the convenience, customization, and delightful options available to make your gifts truly special.

You can get free gift-wrapping perks.

One of the advantages of having your gifts wrapped at the SM Store is you can get them for free. Once you’ve bought your gift items in-store, rely on our free gift-wrapping service to transform your purchases into beautifully wrapped gifts. Not only does this save you time, money, and effort but it also ensures that your gifts are presented beautifully for the occasion. 

All you need to do is bring your gift purchases to the gift-wrapping counter in SM Store’s Customer Service area. Just present your receipt with a minimum purchase of P500 to avail of our free gift wrapping. If you’re a SMAC cardholder, you only need P250 minimum spend in-store. Meanwhile, SMAC Prestige members get free gift wrapping without any purchase requirement.

You can choose a gift wrap.

Every gift is an opportunity to create a meaningful and memorable moment. That is why it’s a good idea to take advantage of our variety of gift wrap options for your special gifts. We make sure to cater to various occasions and personal preferences. 


From classic boxes and gift bags to colorful wrapping paper, SM Store’s gift-wrapping services offer different wrapping options for you to choose from. Got a large gift item or a fragile and off-shape gift? Pick from our available SM gift bags and boxes.

You can add extra gift accessories.

Imagine tying a vibrant, satin ribbon around the box, securing it with an elegant bow, or attaching a personalized tag that bears a heartfelt message, making the recipient feel truly special. These small additions can have a remarkable impact, enhancing the appearance and capturing the attention of the lucky receiver of your thoughtfully wrapped gift.

Make your wrapped presents even more special by adding a few extra decorations. Gift accessories like bows, ribbons, tags, and other pretty elements add a final touch to your gift wrapping. For a minimal fee, these accessories can elevate the overall appearance and make your presents look even more beautiful. 

Whether you adorn your gift with a delicately curled ribbon, a playful bow, or a personalized tag, you can rest assured that the accessories are of the finest quality. We want your gift to stand out and leave a lasting impression, and our wide selection of gift accessories give you the tools to do just that.

We accept multiple gifts for wrapping.

Shopping for a bunch of gifts, especially for the holiday is fun, but having them all wrapped in one go is quite the hassle. With SM Store’s gift-wrapping service, you don’t have to spend hours wrapping every item. Our gift experts can breeze through wrapping your gifts no matter how many they are.

You can order gifts in bulk via SM Personal Shopper.

Don’t have the time to shop for gifts by yourself? You can rely on SM Store Personal Shopper instead. Conveniently get all your presents purchased, wrapped, and delivered with the help of your Personal Shopper.

Simply let them know what your orders are and provide the needed shipping details of the receiver. Just remember to order bulk gifts before the cut-off time of 4:00 PM daily via Personal Shopper, so we can deliver your gift items on the same day.

How you present your gifts to a friend or family member should be as thoughtful as the gift itself. By having your gifts wrapped at SM Store, you’ll add an extra layer of love to make them truly memorable for your recipient. No matter what kind of gift you have, you can rely on us to wrap your gifts perfectly!

The convenience of shopping for gifts and having them wrapped in one place saves you time and effort. Where else can you find a delightful and convenient way to enhance the joy of gift-giving? Drop by the nearest SM Store now and experience these gift perks!

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