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Santa’s Ultimate Gift Guide:
A Festive List of Toys and Snacks for Kids' Christmas Delight​

December 7, 2023


Gift-giving is a time-honored tradition that spreads joy and creates lasting memories. For kids, Christmas is a time of wonder and excitement, a memory they’ll hold dear as they grow up. From unwrapping Christmas presents to celebrating holidays with the family, it’s definitely going to be the most wonderful time of the year for the kids!

With Christmas around the corner, the yearly quest for the perfect gifts has commenced. If you’re not sure what to get your kids this Christmas, we’ve got a lot of options at SM Store from toys for all ages and yummy snacks.

Chien T CT022 Off Road

Chien T CT022 Off Road

Looking for the coolest gift to give this Christmas? Get your toddler a ride-on toy. Perfect for kids ages 3 to 6 years old, a ride-on car can provide multiple benefits to your child’s development. It can help improve motor skills, reduce their gadget screen time, and, encourage them to explore and be aware of their surroundings. Shop this cool ride-on car at Toy Kingdom in SM Store.

Barbie Dreamtopia Core Mermaid Assorted

Barbie Dreamtopia Core Mermaid Assorted

Let your kids’ fairytale mermaid dreams come to life — get them these assorted Dreamtopia Mermaid Barbie dolls for their playtime. It comes in four different colors which they can also share with their friends. Playing with dolls can develop their creativity through imaginative play too.

Christmas Bear with Hat and Scarf

Christmas Bear with Hat and Scarf SM Store

You can never go wrong with a cute and cuddly teddy bear as a Christmas present. Stuffed toys are ideal because they can be given to kids of all ages, plus, they’re timeless. To make it more memorable, get this Christmas Bear to let them remember that they got it as a gift on this special occasion.

Crayola Create and Carry Case

Crayola Create and Carry Case SM Store

Hone your child’s artistic skills as early as now with this Create and Carry Case from Crayola. This art storage case includes crayons, papers, markers, and a lap desk that’ll make them enjoy drawing and coloring. Unleash your kid’s inner Picasso with this educational toy set that makes for a great gift this Christmas. Order this via SM Store Personal Shopper for a hassle-free service.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box SM Store Toy Kingdom Express

LEGO Playsets are one of the most popular Christmas gifts to give to the kids in the family. It’s easy to play with, it provides an opportunity for collaborative play, and is versatile. If you’re feeling more generous, get them limited edition ones. LEGO often releases holiday-themed gift sets that can become a collector’s item over time.

Cadbury DM Happy Holidays Stocking

Cadbury DM Happy Holidays Stocking SM Store

Not sure what gift to give if toys aren’t an option? Get them snacks instead! Chocolates make for a great Christmas present if you’re running out of gift ideas. Get this Cadbury DM Happy Holidays Stocking as the sweetest Christmas present to give your kids. Plus, you don’t even need to have it wrapped as it comes in this cute holiday stocking pack.

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

B. Parum Pum Pum Drum

Train your little rockstar sibling by giving them musical instruments that’ll enhance their musical talent. This kid-approved playset includes a drum, a pair of drumsticks, a tambourine, shaker, maraca, and jingle bell to complete the whole musical ensemble. Get them this whole set and make your mini musicians at home happy!

Goliath Sequence Junior

Sequence Junior SM Store

Make learning fun with these Sequence Junior flashcards made for kids ages 3 years and up. It’s  not your ordinary toy as this set of flashcards is a kind of a strategy game that encourages logical and reasoning skills through a classic sequence game. Use this to bond with your kids and help them become smarter and more strategic in every play. 

Lamaze Gift Set

lamaze gift set

Thinking of buying a Christmas gift for your godchild? A Lamaze Gift Set would be a great gift for moms and babies. These bright and colorful toys are specially designed to improve babies’ focus and strengthen their eyes. Have this item gift-wrapped for free when you shop at SM Store!

Chef Tony’s Pack of 6 Mini Tubs

Chef Tony’s Pack of 6 Mini Tubs SM Store

Bond with your little cousins over a tub of popcorn — get this Chef Tony’s Pack of 6 Mini Tubs in assorted flavors as the perfect Christmas snack! Watch Christmas movies for bonding time and munch on these yummy popcorns for your midnight snack. Shop this at the Snacks department in SM Store.

Shop Christmas gifts at SM Store and find the best toys and Christmas treats for the little ones! Shop in-store or via SM Store Personal Shopper and get the best gift deals! 

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