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Golden, Grunge, and Strawberry:
The Products You Need for these Trendy Makeup Looks

March 4, 2024


Elevate your makeup game with the hottest trends circulating the internet. Good news – you don’t need a pro makeup artist for a stunning transformation! All you need are these amazing products available at SM Store for a makeup look set to make you shine.

Golden Hour Glam

Ever heard of the Golden Hour? It’s the magical time just after sunrise or right before sunset when everything is bathed in a golden glow. It’s also known as the best period of the day for capturing stunning photographs due to its soft, flattering light. Now, imagine having that warm glow on your skin all day long! Learn how to create this Golden Hour makeup look with these products readily available at SM Store!

Get started with the base

GRWM On the Glow Skin Booster - Vega - 30 ML

The first step to achieving that glow is starting with a good base. This multi-use skin illuminator doubles as a primer and sunscreen, providing the perfect base for that golden hour glow!

Achieve that goddess-glow with a bronzer

GRWM Cosmetics Shady Sun Bronzer

For a natural, sun-kissed tan, get this GRWM Cosmetics Shady Sun Bronzer. Sweep it on your forehead, chin, and cheekbones to add warmth and radiance to your face. Order this via SM Store Personal Shopper today!

Apply that gold eyeshadow

BLK Cosmetics Liquid Eyeshadow SM Store

Make your eyes pop with the BLK Cosmetics Liquid Eyeshadow. It’s a handy compact with a mirror and works well with all skin tones.

Coat the lips with a gloss

PERI PERA Ink Glasting Lip Gloss

Pucker up with this PERI PERA’s Ink Glasting Lip Gloss. This non-sticky, glassy effect gloss offers a glossy look with a long-lasting charm.

Top it off with shimmery highlighter

Issy and Co Illuminator in Ray SM Store

Bring out your cheekbones, brow bone, and inner eye corners with this Issy and Co Illuminator. It captures the sun’s radiance, giving you a fresh, dewy glow for that extra touch of Golden Hour Glam.

90s Grunge

Effortlessly nonchalant, moody, and dramatic – these are the defining traits of this look. The grunge makeup look is known for its messy and undone style, using dark and muted colors. It’s about creating an effortlessly edgy appearance, with smudged eyeliner, dark lipstick, and a somewhat disheveled overall look. The key is to embrace imperfections and go for a more rebellious and laid-back vibe.

Grunge it out with an eyeshadow

BYS Eyeshadow Matte 5pc Desert Safari SM Store

After prepping a flawless base, grab a palette with the shades you need. This stunning eyeshadow palette from BYS is one of the best to use to achieve a grunge make-up look.

Go for a spider-leg mascara

BENEFIT - They'Re Real Lengthening Mascara - 8.5 G SM Store

Layers of long eyelashes define this trendy 90’s look. For an extra touch of drama, apply your mascara generously to create a thick, clumpy effect. Achieve this with a buildable formula like this mascara from  Benefit.

Draw on that iconic eyeliner

MAYBELLINE - Line Tattoo Crayon Black - 0.4G SM Store

A heavy, smudged eyeliner is a trademark of the grunge look. Apply it both to the upper and lower lash lines. Oh, and remember precision is not a priority.

Make a statement with chic lips

MAYBELLINE Color Sensational Ultimattes Better Than Luxury Air Plush Matte Lipstick More Rust - 1.7g SM Store

Dark and moody shades, such as deep reds, browns, or even black, are popular choices. Applying it slightly messy or blotchy enhances the grunge aesthetic. Find the perfect lip shade for you at SM Beauty!

Enhance the brows

BLK Cosmetics Daydream 4 tip microblade pen SM Store

Bold and untamed eyebrows took center stage in the 90s, framing the eyes with an effortlessly rebellious charm. This BLK Cosmetics Microblade Pen is your secret weapon to achieving that expressive brow.

Strawberry Makeup

A super cute and easy to recreate look is next on the list. The whole strawberry makeup aesthetic is characterized by pink and red hues on the apples of the cheeks. It is often paired with a natural eye makeup look and glossy pink or mauve lips.

Apply concealer on blemishes and dark circles

YOU Cloud Touch Correcting Concealer Palette 4.8g

For a natural skin look, opt for the YOU Cloud Touch Correcting Concealer Palette. Its four corrective colors offer medium-to-buildable coverage, concealing imperfections without heavy makeup.

Add color to the face

Ready, Set, Glow Badass Face Tint- Cloud 9 15ml (watermelon red)

It’s not strawberry makeup without the pink blush! Know how to dot, blend, and achieve that perfect strawberry pink shade on your cheeks with the Ready Set Glow Badass Face Tint. This versatile face tint works as a lippie and eyeshadow too!

Line your eyes and fill in the brows

BYS Decoded All In One Pencil SM Store

Add definition to your eyes and build your brows with this all-in-one pencil available at SM Store. Draw on a thin eyeliner and lightly fill in your brows for a natural look.

Achieve doll-eyes with mascara

INNISFREE Simple Label Long & Curl Mascara

Enhance your eyes with a light coat of mascara.  Apply just the perfect amount and avoid clumps for a natural and effortless glam.

Gloss the lips

DAZZLE ME Glossip Girl Lip Cream 03 Pink Punk 2g

Complete the strawberry makeup aesthetic with glossy, tinted lips using DAZZLE ME Glossip Girl Lip Cream. This high-shine gloss is perfect for an all-day, natural look.

Don’t forget to lock in your look with a setting spray. A few spritzes of this setting spray will not only keep your makeup in place throughout the day but also give you that extra boost of hydration for a dewy finish.

Happy Skin Fresh Morning Dew Micro-fine Matte Setting Spray

Grab all these beauty essentials at SM Store and know how to do these makeup trends asap! Visit us in-store, or order from the convenience of your home via SM Store Personal Shopper.

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