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Pet Express: Types of dog treats

July 25, 2022


Pet lovers will be the first to acknowledge how important treats are to their lifestyle. Whether it’s a reward for training purposes, or a simple “just because” treat, there is no doubt that snacking is a terrific bonding activity for both owners and their pets.

Dogs have diverse moods and preferences, so it’s no surprise that they would enjoy a variety of treats too. With so many kinds to choose from, how will you know what’s the right one for your pet?

Here are the different types of dog treats available for your pet’s specific needs.

Crunchy Treats

Make snack time extra fun with the classic dog biscuit. Dogs love that crunchy feeling, not to mention that satisfying crackling sound every time they munch into a piece. Doggyman Dog Biscuits comes in various flavors like milk, cheese, and vegetables.

Doggyman Mini Milk Biscuit

Doggyman Mini Milk Biscuit (P129.00)

Soft Treats

Treats should always be safe and relaxing no matter what your dogs’ age are. Protect your puppies’ developing teeth and senior dogs’ brittle teeth and gums with soft and chewy treats for a gentler snacking experience. These soft snacks from Carnilove come in interesting flavors like Duck with Rosemary, Quail with Oregano, Sardines with Wild Garlic, and Trout with Dill.

Carnilove Soft Snack

Carnilove Soft Snack (P199.00)

Creamy Treats

Licking is a self-soothing sensation for animals. It releases endorphins which makes them feel good. Now, add a smooth and tasty treat like SmartHeart Creamy Dog Treats, and it will surely be twice the fun for your dogs!

Pet Lover’s Tip: Pair this creamy treat with the Pet Pals Lick Mat for a multi-sensory experience!

SmartHeart Creamy Treats
Pet Pals Lick Mat
SmartHeart Creamy Treats (P99.00), Pet Pals Lick Mat (349.00)

Training Reward Treats

Bite-sized treats will surely help with training and rewarding positive behaviors. For everyday rewards, pick out treats that are tiny or can be broken down in pieces. Pedigree Tasty Bites may be small, but is packed with flavor. They also come in a low-fat variant, so it’s best for reward treats during continuous training sessions.

Pedigree Tasty Bites
Pedigree Tasty Bites (P99.00)

Dental Care Treats

Dental chews are shaped with ridges to smoothen and scrape away at tartar to prevent plaque buildup. It also promotes antibacterial saliva that cleanses your dog’s mouth. Dentalight Dent Fresh is also infused with ingredients like chlorophyll and peppermint to prevent bad breath. Just remember, dental chews won’t replace the toothbrush, but it does make cleaning teeth extra fun!

Dentalight Dent Fresh
Dentalight Dent Fresh (P149.00)

Chewing Treats

Chewing helps dogs cope with stress and manage boredom. Chew treats can help canine anxiety or frustration by giving your dogs something enjoyable to focus on. Choose from flavors like bacon, salmon, lamb, to name a few, and keep your pets occupied and stimulated with the Goodies Long Lasting Dental Bar.

Goodies Long Lasting Dental Bar
Goodies Long Lasting Dental Bar (P99.75)

Dehydrated Treats

These 100% natural treats are 100% good for your dogs! Dehydrated treats are an ideal grain-free, protein-laden snack to give your pets. They come in different meats and meat parts, that will ensure you get the maximum nutritional benefits from each snack. Your pets will not only enjoy Treatos by Joey, but it will also supplement their diets.

Treatos by Joey
Treatos by Joey (P265)

Available in Pet Express branches

Interactive Toy Treats

It’s double the fun when treats and toys come together! Natura Nourish Treatricks 2-in-1 treat dispensing toy will surely give your pets a sensory overload. This innovative chew toy, integrated with treats, will keep your pet’s attention longer and promote a healthy disposition and dental care.

Natura Nourish Treatricks
Natura Nourish Dental Treat Spikes Refill
Natura Nourish Treatricks (P799.00), Natura Nourish Dental Treat Spikes Refill (P349)
Available in Pet Express branches and
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