Tap, Match & Win! Promo

June 1 to 15, 2023

Ready for revenge travel this year? Achieve your travel goals by shopping travel essentials at SM Store, and get a chance to win up to P2000 discount vouchers when you play Tap, Match, and Win from June 1 to 15!

Here’s how:

  1. Log on to promos.smstore.com
  2. Tap the “Play Game Now” button
  3. Tap five luggage icons to reveal prize vouchers
  4. Collect three prizes of the same kind and win that prize!
Terms and conditions
  1. “SM Store Tap, Match & Win!” (the “Promo”) is a URL and a chance-based digital game promotion which can be played by anyone via mobile or tablet from June 1, 2023 (00:00) to June 15, 2023 (23:59) (the “Promo Period”). Instant prizes will be given away to lucky winners.
  2. Within the Promo Period, participants can use smartphones or tablet to visit https://www.promos.smstore.com (the “Platform”) and join the Promo by registering a Philippine-issued mobile number. Any duplicated mobile numbers will result to disqualification.
  3. Each Philippine mobile number can sign-up once within the Promo Period. Upon registration, a One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the participant for verification. Participant shall enter the OTP received and will be prompted to create a password. A confirmation page will be shown on the screen upon successful account creation of the participant (the “Registered Participant”). Those who previously registered for the previous games such as “Scratch & Win,” “Collect e-stamps,” “Lucky Ang Pao,” “Match, Win & Shop,” “Santa Spin & Win,” “Holiday Gadget Giveaway,” “Lucky Bunny,” “Pop It! Win It!,” or “Flip & Match!” may use the same account to play the “Tap, Match & Win” game.
  4. Each Registered Participant can play the game, once per day, until end of the Promo Period.
  5. Upon clicking “Play Game Now” button, Registered Participant will see nine (9) suitcases/luggage. Registered Participant will be asked to flip five (5) suitcases/luggage to reveal prize vouchers. Collecting three (3) matching prize vouchers means winning that particular prize. No particular placement necessary - as long as three (3) similar prize vouchers are collected, the Registered Participant will win the prize.
  6. The prize/s won by the Registered Participant will be stored in the account’s Prize Wallet.
  7. Registered Participant who did not win in one day may return the next day to play the game again for another chance to win a prize.
  8. This Promo only accepts registration and redemption by smartphones or tablets with supported browsers and internet connection. Recommended and supported web browser and versions are Edge version 93 or above, Firefox version 91 or above, Chrome version 93 or above, and Safari version 12 or above. All desktop or laptop computers are not supported. Users trying to access the site/game via desktop/laptop will be prompted to access it using a mobile device instead. An internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi connection) is required in registration/signing up and redemption. Winners must prepare the internet connection and responsible for the charges themselves. The SM Store will not provide the internet, mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.


1. Registered Participants of the Promo can have the chance to win any of the following:

  • Discount voucher: Get P100 OFF on P2,000 minimum single-receipt purchase at SM Store
  • Discount voucher: Get P200 OFF on P2,000 minimum single-receipt purchase at SM Store
  • Discount voucher: Get P300 OFF on P5,000 minimum single-receipt purchase at SM Store
  • Discount voucher: Get P500 OFF on P6,000 minimum single-receipt purchase at SM Store
  • Discount voucher: Get P1000 OFF on P10,000 minimum single-receipt purchase at SM Store
  • Discount voucher: Get P2000 OFF on P10,000 minimum single-receipt purchase at SM Store


  • Discount vouchers are valid in-store, via SM Store Personal Shopper, or on shopSM.com.
  • Standard discount exclusions apply.
  • Only one voucher may be used/redeemed per transaction.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other SM Store promos (except for FREE delivery vouchers).

2. Each prize won will be reflected on the Prize Wallet page in the account of the winner. Winners must collect the prize/s, by tapping the “Claim” button, within the indicated period (within 7 days) to be able to redeem the prize won.

3. To redeem the prize/s won, winners must tap the “Redeem Now” button. Winners will be instructed to redeem the prize until August 15, 2023 by shopping at SM Store – whether at the preferred branch, via Personal Shopper or ShopSM.com. Upon clicking the “Confirm” button, a one-time use voucher code will be generated. Winners will be instructed to take a screenshot of the one-time use voucher code to:

  • show it to the cashier for scanning (for in-store redemptions),
  • send it to the personal shopper (for personal shopper transactions), or
  • use it as reference and type the 21-character code upon checkout at shopSM.com (for online transactions).

4. Winners may redeem or use their vouchers at any of the following channels:

  • In-store: Visit preferred branch and show one-time use voucher code to the cashier for scanning
  • Personal Shopper: Send one-time use voucher code screenshot to personal shopper upon ordering
  • Online: Type the one-time use voucher code upon checkout at shopSM.com.

5. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of SM Store Personal Shopper, winners may contact a SM Store personal shopper through the following:

  • Preferred Branch’s Personal Shopper’s mobile number
  • Your Personal shopper’s mobile number - for existing SM Store Personal Shopper (Call to Deliver) customers
  • SM Store’s Facebook Messenger

6. Subject to the Terms of Use of ShopSM, winners may order SM Store items and redeem their vouchers online by:

  • Visiting shopsm.com
  • Downloading the ShopSM app from Google Play or App Store

7. If winners mistakenly press “Redeem Now”, or cannot redeem the prize within the designated time after pressing the “Redeem Now” button on the redemption details page, it will result to disqualification and the prize will be forfeited.

8. Screenshots of winning prize/one-time use voucher code page should not be shared with anyone except with the personal shopper or cashier. In case of loss of redemption code or page/link, it will not be replaced or reissued.

9. The prize cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash. SM Store and prize suppliers shall not be responsible for any consequences due to the redemption or use of the prizes.

Contact Us

For inquiries on the Promo or relating to the Platform, the participant may contact us at SM Store Facebook page or SM Store’s Facebook Messenger.

This promo is available at SM Store from June 1 to 15, 2023. See discounts exclusions list at the cashier stations. Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-167595, Series of 2023.

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