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Ready for school: Blended learning essentials for students

September 1, 2022


Blended learning in the Philippines is the merging of digital and traditional teaching methods to improve student outcomes. This practice can take many forms, but generally speaking, it involves using technology in some way to enhance a conventional classroom setting.

If you’re thinking about implementing blended learning into your kids’ educational program, you’ll need the right supplies to make it go smoothly and effectively. Here are SM Stationery’s top recommendations for Blended Learning Essentials that can help make the next lessons more engaging and helpful for students of all grades and ages.

Online Back-To-School Essentials

SSI Headphone Foldable S22 Black (P299.75)

SM Stationery makes sure that this big learning transition would not be too much for students to handle. When talking about back-to-school essentials, it’s important to start with the basics. Every classroom has a variety of tools that are essential to the learning process.


Computers are an obvious must-have in hybrid learning environments or blended learning classrooms, but it’s important to make sure the computer is set up properly for the best learning environment. This will help learners take advantage of application software like Microsoft Office, Skype, Photoshop, and more.

Microphone and speakers

Make sure to get a computer with a microphone and speakers. Having a microphone and speakers set up allows students to speak freely without having to worry about disturbing the rest of the class or being heard at all. They may also use computer programs to help make the class more interactive and engaging.

Laptop and other accessories

If not a desktop computer, a laptop is one of the most important tools for the blended learning classroom. Equip your laptop set up with gadgets and accessories such as a good pair of foldable headphones, wireless mouse, and laptop stand for online classes.

Laptop Stand with Cooling Fans (P399.00)

School Must-Haves for All Students

SM Stationery offers a wide range of school and office supplies that we all find highly important for daily use.

For Pre-School and Elementary Students

Smiggle Double Decker Lunchbox (P1,139.00)

Face-to-face classes are slowly coming back. Delight your little learners with a selection of Smiggle’s lunchbox essentials like the Smiggle Junior Drink Bottle from their Cheer Collection and the Smiggle Double Decker Lunchbox from the Illusion Collection.

Smiggle Junior Drink Bottle Cheer Collection Purple (P644.00)

You can also complete your kids’ must-haves by adding to cart SM Stationery’s exclusive school supplies set, learning gadgets, and other blended learning tools like the Low Price bond papers and pad papers.
Low Price Bond Paper Substance 20 500 Sheets (P234.00)

For Highschool to College Students

SSI Basic Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo Black (P499.00)

Most of the classes for high school and college students are done online. Another online class essential that every high school to college student needs is SM Stationery’s SSI Basic Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Enjoy the convenience it brings when working on your lessons!

To complete their online class setup, SM Stationery offers a Foldable Headphones, Basic Wireless Mouse, and Laptop Stand with built-in cooling fans.

SSI Basic Wireless Mouse (P299.00)

To say “welcome back to school” is one thing, to make it exciting for every learner is another. While we are transitioning into the new version of what “normal” is, SM Stationery’s Blended Learning Essentials makes online and face-to-face learning easy for Filipinos with products curated for hybrid learning environments for all grades and ages.

Blended learning is the new standard in modern education. It provides a flexible and effective alternative to more traditional classroom settings. And while many different tools can help facilitate this type of learning, certain devices and technologies are an essential part of any online learning setup.

From notebooks and folders to virtual classrooms and whiteboards, there are many different online learning essentials available to help you, your kids or your students get the most out of their online learning experience. If you want to be truly ready for school, make sure to visit SM Stationery before classes begin.

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