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Choose how your skin feels at SM Beauty

Oct 18, 2022


Let’s be real: There’s no such thing as perfect skin. Having pores, acne, and discoloration is completely normal. Everyone’s skin is different and depends on their genetics, routine, and lifestyle. But while beauty is more than skin deep, we know it can be difficult to feel beautiful when the face you present to the world each day doesn’t look its best.

How your skin looks on the outside can really affect how you feel. If your skin is glowing, you feel much more confident. If your skin is flawless, you feel comfortable even without makeup on. That’s because glowing, flawless skin shows that you are healthy and that you take care of yourself. So choose how you feel about yourself by choosing how your skin feels!

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This is what our Skin Feels campaign is all about: Having the power to choose how your skin feels by choosing the right products. At SM Beauty, you can find all kinds of skincare products to help you achieve the skin that you want. Want bouncy skin? We have moisturizing products. Want smooth skin? We have anti-acne solutions. Want soft skin? We have exfoliating essentials. We have a wide range of skincare products that address every skin issue, fit any skin type, and achieve any skin goal.

Feel Glowing With Asian Skincare
Glass skin and mochi skin are just some of the skincare trends to emerge in Asia in the past few years. Whether you’ve done a 10-step K-Beauty routine or splurged on innovative Japanese skincare, Asian beauty really is everywhere. The quest for a healthy glow is still very popular, which is why SM Beauty provides you with lots of Asian Beauty products you can mix and match.

Interested in diving into the world of Asian skincare, but don’t know where to start? Consider this your official guide to the best that Asian beauty has to offer, including nourishing cleansers, essences, facial masks, and lotions to help you achieve the healthy, glowing, and glass-like skin of your dreams.

The first step to any skincare routine is cleansing and Cathy Doll Acne Foam Cleanser is the perfect product to start with. This cleansing foam is infused with tea tree serum and is ideal for sensitive skin. It also helps reduce acne breakouts by removing excess sebum and reducing facial oil production. When used regularly, it also helps brighten the skin and reduce dark spots. Don’t you just love a skincare product with so many benefits?

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After cleansing, your face would need hydration. This is where essences come in next. If you’re not familiar with this product yet, the essence is a water-based skincare product that has a high content of active ingredients to hydrate, protect, and nourish your skin. One essence we love is Watsons Collagen Booster Essence. Its golden ratio of powerful ingredients works to boost skin elasticity and strengthen the skin’s moisture.

Another hydrating product that we love is Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion. This innovative product has an upgraded formula that actively infuses four types of Hyaluronic Acid to fully hydrate skin from the surface to inner skin layers for soft, smooth, and supple skin. The extra hydration also allows your skin to absorb all the goodness of the next products in your skincare routine.

For a little treat every now and then, you can pamper your skin with a facial mask. Use Beauty Buffet Black Pearl Whitening Mask once a week to get rid of skin dullness, brighten skin tone, and refine skin texture for a radiant and youthful glow.

Feel Soothed From Skin Sensitivity
Have you ever tried a popular beauty product but your skin seems to hate it? Rashes start to form, and your face starts to itch. If this happens to you, you might have sensitive skin. You are not alone, though. In the Philippines, 71% of Filipinas have sensitive skin. The good news is that SM Beauty carries brands and products that effectively address skin sensitivity issues.

When it comes to facial wash, choose mild products to prevent drying out your skin too much. Watsons Dermaction Plus Mild Facial Wash has a soothing formula for sensitive skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. This mild formula helps reduce skin irritation, but it deeply cleanses and removes excess oil, without draining the skin’s natural moisture.

Physiogel’s Daily Moisture Therapy Cleanser is also a cleanser we recommend. It’s soap-free, hypoallergenic, and pH-balanced so it cleanses without stripping skin of its natural oils. You can also use this with or without water.

If you want something gentle but can also brighten your skin, use Watsons Dermaction Plus HYA C+ Bright & Glow. It deeply cleanses and removes excess oil and makeup from your face and eye area, without leaving behind a greasy residue. It’s infused with Vitamin C that lightens skin and is formulated with Hya Complex which helps hydrate, restore skin’s moisture barrier, and strengthen the skin.

The key to preventing dryness and sensitivity is to build a strong skin barrier, which can be achieved with the right moisturizer. Watsons Target Pro Essential Night Cream replenishes water loss, evenly distributes water to balance skin, and helps lock moisture under the skin for more radiantly healthy and plump up the skin.

If you prefer something lighter, go for a gel moisturizer like Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel. This product instantly quenches dry skin and boosts the skin’s hydration level. It’s also oil-free, so it keeps skin looking smooth, supple, and hydrated even after a long day.

We know that taking care of your skin requires a lot of patience, effort, time, and not to mention, money. So to help you build your skincare routine without breaking the bank, SM Beauty is treating you to a promo! Buy any 2 participating products and get a 15% discount if you’re a SMAC member and a 5% discount if you’re a non-member this October. Enjoy this promo when you shop in-store, rest assured that all our branches are safe for you with our health protocols. You can also avail of this when you shop online via Shop SM.

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