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Score tickets to your favorite events with SM Store: A complete guide

September 4, 2023


Picture this: your favorite artist is set to perform live in the Philippines. Or, perhaps, a much-anticipated event you’ve been daydreaming about is finally happening. Imagine the excitement of going to a concert or seeing an event you’ve been wanting to attend for a long time. Before you get too excited, you need a reliable way to ensure you don’t miss that once-in-a-lifetime show.

Knowing where and how to buy concert tickets in the Philippines is the key to accessing your dream event. Thankfully, you can get event passes via SM Tickets online that you can claim easily at the SM Store. 

Avoid waiting in queues and the risk of buying fake tickets by using official SM Tickets outlets near you like SM Store. You can have those tickets clutched in your hands in a few simple steps, ready to take you to an exciting concert or event that’ll leave you buzzing with joy. Here’s a guide on how to purchase tickets online and redeem them at SM Store Customer Service:

Step 1: Find tickets online

The first step to getting access to the hottest concerts, sporting events, or theatrical performances is finding a trustworthy platform to purchase tickets. If it’s your first time attending a concert, be prepared at least a week before the ticket-selling date and familiarize yourself with where you can buy tickets. Luckily, SM Tickets online provides an accessible platform for you to browse events and purchase tickets. 

To buy, sign up and create an account at Browse the homepage for various SM Tickets events and concerts at SM Mall of Asia Arena and other SM venues. Next, select the event you want to attend and choose your desired section and seat—whether it’s front-row seats at a concert or a great spot at a sports match.

There are various advantages to using the SM Store Gift Registry. For starters, it saves your guests the time and work of brainstorming for the perfect present, allowing them to choose from the products you personally handpicked. It also excludes the chance of getting duplicate gifts, ensuring that each gift is one-of-a-kind and meaningful.

Step 2: Pay for your ticket purchase

After selecting tickets, make sure to check your order summary and pay with your preferred payment method. SM Tickets online accepts payment from Visa and Mastercard Debit and Credit Card, GCash, Maya, and GrabPay. 

Important tip: to guarantee a smooth and worry-free ticket purchase, ensure that your SM Tickets user account, credit card to be used for payment, and valid government ID for ticket redemption all bear the same name when buying tickets online. This not only safeguards you from potential fraud but also counters any unintended misuse of credit cards.

Step 3: View and print the ticket voucher

After you’ve successfully paid for your ticket, the process doesn’t stop here. You’ll receive a ticket voucher needed to claim the official ticket. You can view the voucher on your SM Tickets My Account page under My Tickets. Make sure to print it and you’re off to redeem that ticket. 

Step 4: Redeem the ticket at SM Store

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Now that you’re done purchasing your tickets online, it’s time to claim those SM Tickets vouchers. At SM Store, you can quickly redeem tickets any time before the show date. Its location provides easy access for event-goers like you to finally get a hand on those show tickets. 

Head to the nearest SM Store branch and go to SM Store Customer Service Area. Present the printed ticket voucher along with one (1) valid government ID to our friendly staff.

However, in case you can’t personally redeem the tickets, your immediate family can help you. They can claim the tickets for you at any SM Store branch as long as they bring the printed claim ticket voucher, scanned copies of IDs from both the credit card holder and the claimant, and an all-important authorization letter.

As you line up to redeem your ticket, large events can lead to long queues, so it’s important to follow these few tips for a pleasant experience for you and your fellow event-goers:

  1. Wait Your Turn: Patience is key. Respect the queue and wait your turn patiently. Cutting in line will disrupt the flow and can cause frustration among others in the line.

  2. Be Mindful of Noise: While waiting, keep noise levels to a minimum so that you do not disturb others who are also eagerly waiting.

  3. Give Everyone Their Space: Maintain a reasonable distance between yourself and the person in front of you. Avoid crowding or standing too close to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for everyone in the line.

  4. Follow Instructions: Our staff and security personnel are there to guide you and ensure the process runs smoothly. Follow their instructions and be cooperative to help maintain order.

  5. Dispose of Trash Properly: Clean as you go. Keep the area clean by disposing of any trash in designated bins. Leaving trash behind can create an unpleasant environment for other concert-goers.

Step 5: Secure your ticket

Congratulations, you’ve finally secured your event pass! Take a moment to double-check all the event details such as date, time, venue, and seating information. This is to ensure everything aligns perfectly for your unforgettable event. Put them in your wallet or a designated ticket holder to safeguard those precious tickets until the event day.

By allowing you to effortlessly purchase tickets online and redeem them at these accessible locations, SM Tickets removes the hassle of long waiting times. These steps make it easy to get tickets and watch your favorite artist or sports team live. Remember to buy your event tickets only at the SM Tickets online and authorized outlets near you to avoid buying fake tickets from scalpers or unauthorized ticket-selling sites.

So, when the next big music concerts, sports matches, and theatrical performance comes knocking, remember—we’ve got your back! Now that you know how to buy concert tickets in SM Tickets and redeem them, you can rest assured that you’re all set for an epic live event experience.

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