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7 SM Store-approved ways to shop like a pro

October 16, 2023


Shopping can be a fun adventure, especially when you find great deals and learn how to save money. And when it comes to finding exciting bargains, SM Store is a fantastic place to explore. Making informed decisions when making a purchase is key to being a savvy shopper. It’s a superpower that can lead to incredible savings and the SM Store is your playground. 

Imagine filling up your basket, grabbing fantastic deals, and using exclusive offers to your advantage. Well, all that is possible when you know how to shop smart at the SM Store. Let us help you become a pro at shopping with this guide.

Be updated on upcoming sales and seasonal offers

More than just shopping with a plan, staying updated about upcoming sales and special SM promos is another smart move to save. Knowing SM Store’s sale schedule allows you to plan your shopping trips to get the things you want at a better, lower price. 

At the SM Store, we’re always excited to bring you amazing sale events that offer great savings and fantastic shopping experiences. One of our most anticipated events is the SM Store 3 Day Sale, where you can enjoy significant discounts on a wide range of products for three or more consecutive days. 

Additionally, we frequently team up with SMAC, various partner brands, and banks to bring you a wide array of sales events at the SM Store. These collaborations offer fantastic chances for you to score great discounts on a diverse range of products, spanning from fashion to electronics and more.

Browse your options

When shopping at SM Store, take your time to explore our wide range of products. With over 1,000 different brands available, you’ll discover fantastic items and sale promotions you might not want to miss out on. It includes products like cozy blankets perfect for enhancing your home, stylish clothing for building a fashionable wardrobe, high-quality cookware for your kitchen essentials, and everything in between.

Choose quality over quantity

Keep in mind that going for quality over quantity is always a smart shopping move. If you’re looking to save some cash down the road, it’s worth splurging a bit on top-notch stuff. The good thing about SM Store is that we’ve got a huge range of items, so you can always snag the best quality items you need without breaking the bank.

Ask your friendly sales clerk

Feel free to approach one of our friendly SM Store sales clerks for assistance. They’ll be happy to assist you in locating the items you’re looking for in-store and can also recommend alternative options or better items currently on sale that might better suit your needs.

Avail of cashback and rewards promos

If sale offers are not enough, use credit cards that offer cashback or rewards for your SM Store purchases to maximize savings. We occasionally collaborate with banks like BDO, BPI, Metrobank, and more to offer tie-up promotions like 0% installment plans, buy now pay later promos, cashback offers, freebies, and gifts.

Use your SMAC for extra perks and benefits

You can get extra shopping perks just by using your SMAC and SMAC Prestige. Think of it as a magic card that gives you additional benefits when you shop! With SMAC, you can enjoy discounts, early access to sales, pay with points, and even earn points for your purchases. Think of it like you’re getting rewarded for shopping smart. 

Getting your own SMAC is super easy. Just register online or go to the Customer Service area at any SM Store, fill out a quick form, and pay a membership fee of Php 200! Once you have it, you can start using it every time you shop, especially during sale events like the 3-Day Sale.

With each purchase, you collect SMAC points, which in turn, you can use to pay or get extra discounts without spending extra money. It’s like turning your shopping into a game where you win rewards!

Let a Personal Shopper help find shopping deals for you

sm store personal shopper

If you want to maximize your SM Store shopping experience even at home, you can do so through a personal shopper! They are your shopping superheroes who can help you discover awesome stuff and get the most for your money. 

Let’s say you’re looking for something specific but can’t find it. That’s where the SM Store Personal Shopper comes in. They can help you find similar items or even better product options that might help you earn SMAC points, get discounts, and more. It’s like having a shopping buddy who knows all the cool products available for you to shop. 

To find an SM Personal Shopper, all you need to do is reach out. You can visit the SM Store’s website and look for their contact information or instructions on how to get in touch. They’re there to make your shopping experience even better, so don’t hesitate to connect and let them guide you to the best deals in town! 

With these tips, you’re now ready to be a shopping superstar at SM Store! From exciting events like the SM 3 Day Sale to using special cards like SMAC, and getting help from Personal Shoppers, you’ve got all the tools to be a savvy shopper. We’re excited for you to have a blast shopping at the SM Store, and make every purchase an exciting journey filled with savings and smiles!

About: SM Store is the Philippines’ largest department store chain with several branches nationwide. Since our first store opened in 1958, SM Store has been a long-time favorite one-stop-shop with the best product variety, shopping convenience, and value for money. We offer a great selection of menswear, womenswear, children’s wear, all kinds of beauty products, and things for the home. You can also find stationery, electronic gadgets, snacks, toys, hardware, and fun Philippine souvenirs here.

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