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Space-Saving Hacks for Home:
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January 26, 2024


The first month of the year brings a sense of renewal – for some people, it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter and refresh living spaces. Tidying up your home, whether a small apartment or a two-story house, can make a great impact, which is a mindful and empowering way to set the tone for the year. 

One of the best ways to make your home comfortable and organized is by incorporating space-saving solutions to make it more livable. And no, it doesn’t require a major overhaul; even a simple organizer or shelf can make wonders and lead the way to a clutter-free home! 

Let’s explore some ingenious ways to optimize space with affordable storage and organizers and other space-saving home items you can shop at SM Home in SM Store.

Shelves save you a lot of valuable space.

Yori Takara 4-Tier Mega Shelf – Light Oak

Getting a tiered shelf can help you save floor space as it allows you to take up space vertically. It’s best to put it in your living space as it can double as a display case for your mementos, from books to picture frames, or decors.

Styling tip: play with layers, add colors, and use objects of different sizes to create symmetry for a more cohesive look.

Tackle clutter with storage tubs.

Ezy Sort It Storage Tub

Reduce chaos at home by getting yourself some space-saving home items like storage tubs from SM Home. These plastic tubs which come in different sizes help you store any items that’d rather be lying around. You can use these to store Christmas decorations, toys, hardware tools, and old clothes, and keep your home tidy. They’re stackable and made of plastic, so it’s lightweight. Plus, it has insert trays for your smaller items.

Use a multi-hanger to hang several items in layers.

Hosh 4-Layer Metal Pants Hanger With Foam - EMW2011

Hangers are a great way to keep your clothes orderly, but getting a multi-layered hanger can do more wonders. A multi-hanger can hang your smaller accessories such as belts, scarfs, or ties neatly, and can save much more space compared to using one hanger for each. You can also use another space-saving home item like layered metal hangers for your pants, designed with foam strips to protect and prevent your clothes from slipping.

A microwave stand gives you more kitchen counter space.

Home Accents Microwave Stand

You can save space in your kitchen by reducing items on top of your counter, which is better utilized for preparing your meals. Instead, get a moveable microwave stand to store your microwave and other items. This three-layer stand offers you more space to keep your utensils and smaller kitchen appliances too. It has a sliding wood board, storage drawer, and a hanging basket for all your kitchen essentials!

Dry your clothes using a compact drying rack.


If you’re living in a condominium or an apartment, drying racks will be very helpful for you. Not only are they so much cheaper compared to buying drying machines– they’re also compact enough and foldable to keep when not in use. Drying racks are easy to install and are sturdy enough to accommodate layers of clothes, and you can move them anywhere you want to.

Collect your laundry with a sturdy laundry basket.

laundry basket sm store

Easily segregate your laundry with a space-saving laundry basket that you can shop in SM Store. Getting a laundry basket helps you sort out your clothes for laundry. It’s easy to clean and it also comes with a top cover to conceal the dirty clothes and keep it out of plain sight. 

Turn unused wall space into storage with the help of hanging organizers.

hanging organizer SM Store

When you have a limited floor space at home and getting drawers and racks isn’t an option, a solution would be to make use of your walls for additional storage. There are hanging baskets and organizers that you can buy to keep your small items organized. These hanging organizers can be used in bathrooms for toiletries, inside your wardrobe door for accessories, or in your bedroom for your gadgets.

Under beds are perfect for hiding miscellaneous home items.

megabox sm store

Wondering where to put your miscellaneous items? Under your bed, that is. But don’t just hide them there– put them inside these fabric organizers so they’re still organized even when hidden. Some items you can store here are bed linens, gadgets, books, and emergency essentials that you can easily pull out as needed.

Shop all these home organizers and storage at the SM Home section in SM Store! Shop in-store or order via SM Store Personal Shopper for a hassle-free shopping experience.

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