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Weatherproof Your Home with these Items from SM Store

June 3, 2024


We live in the Philippines where we experience extreme weather conditions– from scorching summer heat to occasional typhoons. No matter how sturdy we think our home is, it’s important to take the necessary steps to weatherproof our home and protect the property from damage. Fortunately, there are home essentials that we can easily shop in SM Store at the SM Home and Ace Hardware section! No need to wait for shipping– get your items in-store or get them on the same day when you shop via SM Store Personal Shopper.

Read on for tips to weatherproof your home and know the must-have tools to make a safe and comfortable home for you and your family.

Seal your roof to prevent water from seeping.

What you’ll need: a wet & dry sealant

wet and dry sealant

Proper waterproofing is important for your home, especially during the heavy rainfall in the rainy season. Roof sealants are essential because they help seal cracks and gaps and extend your roof’s lifespan. Get a wet and dry sealant so you can use it for all weather conditions. These sealants can help extend your roof’s lifespan and withstand any damage for a long time.

Maintain proper insulation.

What you’ll need: roof and wall insulation; insulation tapes, cutter, adhesives

insulation items sm store

Insulation helps to ensure your home has a regulated temperature. When your home is insulated, you can keep your home cool during the daytime and warm enough for nighttime. It’s energy-efficient, as it reduces heat transfer and can help you save electricity consumption. Insulation weatherproofs your home from water damage and structural issues too. Shop these hardware tools from home by contacting an SM Store Personal Shopper!

Use high-quality exterior paint for your home.

What you’ll need: paint, paintbrush, paint roller, paint roller tray

painting tools sm store

If you’re still in the construction phase of your house, you’ll want to ensure that the paint you’ll use to add color to your house isn’t only for the aesthetic, but should also be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Use an exterior-grade paint to protect your structures from pollutants, debris, wear and tear, and UV rays. Shop paints and painting tools at SM Store’s Ace Hardware for all your needs!

Protect your home from moisture-related damage.

What you’ll need: dehumidifier, desiccant, exhaust fan

humidifier exhaust fan sm store

Controlling your humidity levels at home is important because moisture causes damage over time. By using a dehumidifier, you can reduce paint peeling and deterioration of materials at home. Plus, it would be difficult for mold and mildew to grow in your home and therefore air quality will also improve. It’s best to place a dehumidifier in basements and living rooms, while exhaust fans would be better in kitchens and bathrooms.

Install weatherproof lights especially outdoors.

What you’ll need: Floodlights, path lights, or wall-mounted lights

lights sm store

Lights are crucial for consistent illumination and provide an extra layer of security for your home. Unlike indoor lights which can be changed as many times as you’d like, outdoor lights must be more durable and energy-saving since they’re prone to harsh weather conditions, and they’re turned on longer than indoor lights. Make sure to get rust-resistant, LED-technology-powered, and IP-compliant outdoor lights for your home areas such as driveways, gardens, or patios. Shop different kinds of outdoor light fixtures at the Ace Hardware section of SM Store!

Have a reliable power supply ready for sudden power outages.

What you’ll need: generator

generator sm store ace hardware

In the Philippines, typhoon season also means frequent power outages. But don’t fret– you can get generators for your home as an immediate backup power source. Portable generators provide immediate backup power during outages, ensuring essential equipment like medical machines, security systems, and refrigerators remain operational. Check the generator that best fits your home needs.

Find everything you need to weatherproof your home, from essential tools to heavy-duty equipment, all at SM Store. Shop in-store, or order via SM Store Personal Shopper!

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