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You can now cash in your GCash and Maya wallets at SM Store

January 19, 2024


Let’s face it: the world is going cashless. When shopping in stores, e-wallets like GCash and Maya have become our trusty companions for everyday transactions. But who says topping up your e-wallet has to be a chore? 

The days of hunting for an e-wallet loading station near you are officially over. Now, you can seamlessly load your favorite e-wallets at SM Store! Find out more as you read on.

Why You Should Cash In at SM Store

Imagine this: you are shopping for the latest fashion finds at SM Store. All good, right? But then, as you proceed to pay via cashless transaction, you see your e-wallet balance is low. It’s a hassle, right? 

With SM Store’s cash in services, you can say goodbye to the hassles of finding a cash in machine and hello to seamless top-ups with SM Store. Here’s what makes this the ultimate game-changer:

1. Free GCash Cash In

If you’re wondering where to cash in your GCash for FREE, here’s some exciting news. SM Store lets you cash in to your GCash wallet for absolutely free—no add-on service fees for up to a monthly limit of P8,000. So, stock up on your essentials, and treat yourself to that new outfit without worrying about pesky top-up fees.

2. Cash In Rebates with Maya

Looking for a convenient way to add funds to your Maya e-wallet and still get cash in rebates? You can get a 2% cash-in refund as long as your Maya account has not surpassed its P10,000 monthly threshold.

3. One-Stop Shop Convenience

Why juggle multiple errands when you can do it all in one place? Your shopping runs, and now, e-wallet top-ups are available at SM Store Customer Service counters! 

No more detours or extra trips, just seamless integration into your existing shopping routine. It’s time efficiency taken to a whole new level, leaving you with more time for what matters: enjoying life’s little (and big) purchases. You can definitely do more than shopping when you’re at SM Store.

4. Cash In with Ease

We know your time is precious. That’s why our e-wallet cash-in process is convenient and simple. Just head to the SM Store Customer Service counter, tell them you want to cash in to your chosen e-wallet, pay the amount, and voila! You’re good to go and shop in no time.

5. Cashless Lifestyle

Cashing in at SM Store isn’t just about filling your virtual pockets, it’s about embracing a cashless revolution. It’s about empowering you to track your spending effortlessly and experience the world of digital transactions, all while enjoying the familiar comfort of your favorite shopping destination.

How to Cash In at SM Store

gcash maya sm store cash in

Now that you know how convenient it is to top up your e-wallets at SM Store, here’s a quick guide on how you can do a Maya or GCash cash in at SM Store:

Step 1
Open your GCash or Maya app.
Step 2
Tap on "Cash In" and select "Over-the-Counter."
Step 3
Choose SM Store as your cash-in partner.
Step 4
Generate the barcode and present it to the Customer Service counter at any SM Store branch.
Step 5
Hand over your cash and voila! Your e-wallet is instantly topped up, ready to fuel your next shopping spree or online purchase.

Ready to embrace seamless cashless transactions? SM Store is now offering e-wallet loading, making it easier than ever to pay for your purchases without cash, whether in stores or online. Simply visit your nearest SM Store, present your e-wallet code, and have it loaded with the amount you need. It’s that easy!

Step into the future of cashless convenience at SM Store branches nationwide today!

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