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Say Goodbye to Oversized Shopping Woes with SM Store Personal Shopper

February 2, 2024


Shopping for everyday essentials is easy enough in stores. But what about when your list includes a king-sized mattress, a storage cabinet, or a children’s playground set? Fear not, shoppers! SM Store Personal Shopper is here to help you.

You’re likely aware that SM Store Personal Shoppers can pick up your favorite fashion items, essential home goods, and even quirky knick-knacks, but it doesn’t end there. They can shop for furniture, appliances, or other oversized items for you, all from the comfort of your couch. 

So, how exactly does SM Store Personal Shopper make shopping for big items a breeze?

Let’s face it, shopping for big items can be a hassle when you have to navigate the store and haul heavy purchases yourself. Not everyone has the muscle power (or the vehicle) to handle a bulky sofa or a big bike. Why spend hours wandering through the store searching for a dining table set when you can have a personal shopper do that for you?

Thankfully, SM Store Personal Shopper is your one-stop solution for all your big shopping needs. Here’s how they make the seemingly impossible, possible:

Expert Guidance

Imagine strolling through aisles of products from the comfort of your home; that’s what an SM Store Personal Shopper does for you. They’re the ultimate shopping expert, ready to answer your questions, recommend the perfect item for your needs, and even suggest items to complete your shopping vision. Think of them as your eyes and hands in the store while you’re at home.

Just let them know anything you need and they’ll help you shop for it!

Effortless Ordering

Wondering how you can find a personal shopper easily? Simply contact an SM Store Personal Shopper through a quick call, message, or online form, and provide your desired item details. They’ll handle the searching, sourcing, and even price comparisons, ensuring you get the best deal on your big purchase.

Seamless Logistics and Delivery

Leave the heavy lifting (literally) to the pros. SM Store Personal Shopper handles all the logistics, from coordinating with stockrooms to arranging secure and efficient delivery right to your doorstep. No more struggling with oversized boxes or worrying about carrying your big purchases through your front door.

Just order your big purchases before the SM Store branch’s cut-off time for same-day delivery. Fees for our in-house delivery service may vary for oversized or bulk order deliveries. The delivery fee for orders outside the SM Store branch’s delivery area is P200. 

We can also book third-party riders for deliveries. Watch out for free delivery promos and special offers when you shop via SM Store Personal Shopper!

Personalized Touch

SM Store Personal Shopper goes beyond just order fulfillment. They understand that big purchases can involve anxieties and excitement in equal measure. That’s why they offer personalized communication, keeping you updated every step of the way and addressing any concerns you might have.

Earn SMAC Points

Of course, when you shop via SM Store Personal Shopper, you’ll earn points for your SMAC Start, SMAC, and SMAC Prestige cards.

So, the next time you find yourself dreaming of a luxurious new couch or a sparkling new dishwasher, remember, SM Store Personal Shopper is your secret weapon. They’ll handle the heavy lifting, the logistics, and the legwork, leaving you free to focus on the fun part: fulfilling your shopping list and enjoying the satisfaction of a hassle-free shopping experience.

We’ve Got It All Beyond Furniture

SM Store Personal Shopper’s expertise extends beyond furniture. They can help you tackle all sorts of oversized items, including outdoor living essentials, from gazebos and grills to patio furniture, pool accessories, large toys for kids, and more. 

Whether you’re renovating a bathroom or building a deck, they can also source the tools, materials, and fixtures you need to get the job done. Need new furniture for your home office or supplies for your home business? SM Store Personal Shopper can handle your bulk orders and ensure you get the best value.

Shop with a Personal Shopper Today!

shop with personal shopper sm store

As you go about your busy life, why not let your shopping experts help you? Imagine the ease of having a savvy assistant who not only suggests the perfect products but also navigates the store for you. You can count on SM Store Personal Shopper for all your shopping needs.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to take advantage of SM Store’s exclusive promotions and discounts available through Personal Shopper. Simply ask them for details and make your big-ticket purchases even more budget-friendly!

Make shopping more convenient anytime, anywhere. Get in touch with your nearest SM Store Personal Shopper today and experience the ultimate shopping revolution!

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